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Oura Ring Black Friday 2023: Outsmart Other Shoppers and Tips to Grab the Best Deals Before They Sell Out

Get the Best Oura Ring Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in 2023

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, which means major savings on the popular Oura ring health tracker. With discounts up to $100 or more, Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent the best chance all year to buy the Oura ring at a steep discount. This in-depth guide will cover everything you need to know to find and take advantage of the top Oura Ring Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2023.

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What is the Oura Ring?

For those not familiar, the Oura ring is a health and wellness tracker packed with sensors to monitor key health metrics 24/7. Worn on the finger, it measures heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature variations, sleep stages, and more. The Oura ring pairs with an app to provide daily health reports, insights, and recommendations to improve your sleep, activity, readiness and overall wellbeing.

The Oura ring comes in several styles including the original Heritage Silver or Stealth Black colors, as well as new limited edition collaborations. The latest model available is the Oura Ring Gen3 which retails for $299, while the previous gen Oura Ring 2 is $199. There is also a required Oura membership for access to features which runs $5.99 per month.


Oura Ring Black Friday Discounts – What to Expect in 2023

Based on savings from previous years, Oura ring Black Friday discounts generally range from $50 to $100+ off depending on the model. Here’s a brief overview of some of the best Oura ring Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from the past few holiday shopping seasons:

  • 2022 – Oura Ring Gen3 offered for $249, a $50 discount off original $299 price. Additional 15% off with membership stacked for total 42% savings.
  • 2021 – Up to $75 off Oura Ring 3 and Oura Ring Heritage models for Cyber Monday.
  • 2020 – Oura Ring 2 discounted $50 to $199 for Black Friday. Oura also offered free lifetime membership (worth $300 value).
  • 2019 – First generation Oura Rings discounted 30% for Black Friday weekend sale.

As you can see, Oura consistently offers their latest models at around $50 off for Black Friday. Stacked with the membership discount, total savings can reach up to 40% to 50% off! For the Oura Ring 3 in 2023, expect a base Black Friday discount of $50 bringing the price down to $249. Factor in the membership additional percentage off, and you could potentially get the latest model Oura ring for only around $200 – an incredible deal and over $100 in savings!

It’s also likely we’ll see even steeper discounts for Cyber Monday this year. In 2021, the Oura Ring 3 was reduced by $75 for Cyber Monday following the Black Friday promotion. So Cyber Monday represents another opportunity to save big on the Oura ring.

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Best Oura Ring Black Friday 2023 Deals

Where will you be able to find the best Oura ring Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this holiday shopping season? Here are the top retailers and online stores we expect to offer the steepest discounts and most aggressive Oura ring deals for 2023:

Oura’s Official Website – As always, going directly through Oura at will be the best place to grab their rings at the full Black Friday discount. Expect savings up to $100 off when factoring the membership additional percentage off.

Amazon– The Oura Ring 3 and Heritage models are available on Amazon, which should match the pricing directly from Oura’s website. Watch for lightning deals for added savings.

Best Buy – Best Buy carries the Oura Ring Generation 3 in-stores and online, and will likely advertise holiday pricing on par with discounts directly from Oura.

Target– Target now sells the Oura Ring online, so be sure to check their site for Black Friday promotions on the Oura Ring 3 and other models.

In addition, health and fitness retailers like REI and Sport Chek may also offer Oura ring Black Friday or Cyber Monday specials in 2023. Your best bet is to check all major online retailers as well as the official Oura website early and often throughout the Black Friday holiday weekend into Cyber Monday.


Oura Ring Black Friday Shopping Tips to Maximize Savings

Follow these tips and strategies during Oura’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale to ensure you lock in the absolute best deal on the latest generation Oura ring:

  • Sign up for newsletters and email alerts – Oura will promote exclusive holiday offers and early access to subscribers. Retailers also may send special promo codes.
  • Check for percentages off – some retailers may advertise a flat dollar discount, while others could offer a higher percentage off which leads to bigger savings.
  • Don’t wait until Black Friday – Oura provides early access to Black Friday deals for their newsletter subscribers. Jump early on an early bird discounted offer.
  • Shop multiple retailers – check Amazon, Best Buy, Oura’s site, etc. for the best combo of discounts and promos.
  • Consider open box deals – you may find additional markdowns on open box Oura rings in excellent condition.
  • Use cash back sites – platforms like Rakuten offer cash back at many retailers that carry the Oura ring for added savings.
  • Look for combo promos – Oura may bundle a discounted membership with purchase leading to huge overall savings.
  • Don’t forget to use a credit card with purchase protection and rewards for an extra layer of savings on big ticket Oura purchases.

By checking all major retailers and the official Oura website for the duration of the long holiday weekend into Cyber Monday, and stacking discounts, promo codes and cash back where possible, you should be able to maximize savings on the health tracking Oura Ring for Black Friday 2023.

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Predicting This Year’s Top Oura Ring Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Based on last year’s sale prices and new model releases since, we can predict which specific Oura ring deals shoppers will be able to take advantage of during the 2023 holiday shopping frenzy:

Oura Ring Gen3 – Current Retail $299
– Black Friday Prediction: $249 after $50 discount
– Total After 15% Membership Discount: $211.65

That would represent fabulous savings off the Gen3. With any additional stacked promos or retailer percentages off, you could potentially grab the latest model Oura for around $200 – an incredible Black Friday deal!

Oura Ring Heritage – Current Retail $299
– Black Friday Prediction: $249 after $50 off
– Total After 15% Membership Discount: $211.65

Expect the Heritage model to follow suit with around $50 off for Black Friday. With the membership additional savings, shoppers should be able to score the stylish Heritage ring for around $210.

Oura Ring Gen2 – Current Retail $199
– Black Friday Prediction: $149 after $50 reduction
– Total After 15% Membership Discount: $126.65

For shoppers open to the previous generation, the Oura Ring Gen2 will likely be marked down $50. And with the extra 15% membership discount, Cyber Monday shoppers could snag the Gen2 for only around $125 – a fabulous value.

Stack additional retailer discounts, promo codes, and cash back and you may save over $100 total on the Oura ring this Black Friday!

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What Are the Best Oura Ring Models & Sizes to Buy?

With the exciting discounts you can take advantage of on Oura rings over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you may be wondering which model and size is right for you. Here is a brief overview of the key differences in the Oura ring generations and sizing options to consider:

Oura Ring Gen3 vs Gen2 – The just-released Oura Ring Gen3 is smaller with faster charging and temperature sensors. But the Gen2 provides virtually all of the same activity and sleep tracking at a lower price. Most users will be very happy with the still capable Gen2 model and excellent Cyber Monday predicted pricing.

Heritage vs Stealth – The Heritage has a stylish jewelry-like look with metallic finishes, while the Stealth has a matte black discreet appearance. Choose based on your style preferences.

Ring Sizes – Oura rings come in 4 sizes – 7, 8, 9 and 10. Carefully measure your finger and order a sizing kit if between sizes. For proper heart rate monitoring the ring should have a snug but comfortable fit.

As for color, the new limited edition collaborations allow you to express your personal style. But any of the models in the size that properly fits your finger will provide you with top notch health metrics to gain insights into improving your daily health habits.

Be sure to decide whether you prefer the latest features of the Gen3, or greater value potential in the Gen2 discounted for Cyber Monday. And dial in your preferred color and size using the guides above to choose the ideal Oura ring to buy this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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Top 10 Oura Ring Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals to Watch For

Here is our predictions for the 10 best Oura Ring Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2023. Watch for these models at the prices below as the absolute best deals for upgrading to an Oura Ring over the holidays:

  1. Oura Ring Gen3Black Friday Price: $249 w/membership – $211 total
  2. Oura Ring Gen3 HeritageBlack Friday Price: $249 w/membership – $211 total
  3. Oura Ring Gen2Cyber Monday Price: $149 w/membership – $127 total
  4. Oura Ring Gen3 Open BoxCyber Monday Price: $225
  5. Oura Ring Heritage BlackBlack Friday Price: $249
  6. Oura Ring StealthBlack Friday Price: $249
  7. Oura Ring Gen3 Bundle w/Free Lifetime MembershipCyber Monday Price: $249
  8. Oura Ring Gucci Limited EditionBlack Friday Price: $415
  9. Oura Ring Caviar Limited EditionCyber Monday Price: $359
  10. Oura Ring Horizon Limited EditionBlack Friday Price: $359

Keep an eye out for those models around the predicted discounted price points for the absolute best Oura Ring Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals you’ll find for 2023. Act fast if you see them hit as they will sell out quickly!


How to Avoid Overspending This Black Friday & Cyber Monday

While you can save big on the coveted Oura ring during the 2023 holiday sales, it’s also easy to get caught up in the hype and overspend. Keep these tips in mind to avoid blowing your budget while deal hunting:

  • Set a firm budget for your max spending and stick to it no matter what deals you see.
  • Make a list of only the items you need and focus on those rather than browsing all offers.
  • Do your research to know regular and sale prices so you recognize true deals.
  • Don’t panic buy – if a deal pops up, take time to evaluate if you really need the item.
  • Consider open box or refurbished items which are often discounted further.
  • Use cash back sites and credit card rewards to lower the amounts you end up actually paying.
  • Don’t forget hidden costs – factor in taxes, shipping fees, accessories needed.
  • Set up a price tracking app or camelizer to see if prices will drop further as the holidays approach.
  • Avoid impulse site browsing – stick to your list to minimize temptation.

If you approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a plan, do your homework on pricing, and actively track deals, you can score that coveted Oura ring discount while still sticking to your budget.

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Ready to Shop the Best Oura Ring Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The Oura ring offers an effortless way to gain actionable insights into your daily health. With predicted discounts up to $100 off or more for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023, it’s the ideal time to finally invest in this useful wellness tracker.

Follow our tips and predictions in this guide to score the absolute best deal on the right Oura ring model and size for you. Act fast when you see one of the deals we’ve highlighted, as the most aggressive discounts on Oura rings sell out extremely quickly.

With your new Oura ring you’ll be set up for success with your health goals in 2023. Have a wonderful and restful holiday season!


Oura Ring Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals FAQs

When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 falls on Friday, November 24.

What time do Black Friday sales start?

Most retailers open their doors for Black Friday sales early in the morning, often around 5-6am. However, online sales typically start the night before on Thanksgiving.

What products have the best Black Friday discounts?

Historically, electronics like TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones see some of the biggest price drops on Black Friday. Appliances and clothing also tend to have great sales.

Are Black Friday deals only available on Black Friday?

No, more and more Black Friday sales are starting earlier and earlier. Many last for a full week or weekend. Cyber Monday sales often overlap too.

Is it better to buy online or in-store on Black Friday?

Online shopping means avoiding crowds and still getting great discounts. But for doorbuster in-store only deals, you often have to line up early at a physical store.

How can I find the best Black Friday 2023 ads and leaks?,, and are good resources for seeing leaked holiday ads. Retailer social media often hints at upcoming sales too.

Are Black Friday deals only available in the US?

No, the tradition has spread globally. Retailers in Canada, the UK, Australia, India and many other countries now run Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Is it better to buy during Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

The days overlap more and more. But historically Cyber Monday focused more on tech and online shopping, while Black Friday was broader and in-store.

Are Black Friday deals worth it?

If you shop smart and focus on buying things you need rather than impulse purchases, Black Friday deals can save you a lot of money. Just be wary of "too good to be true" sales.

What are the best tips for saving money on Black Friday?

Make a list, research prices ahead of time, shop online deals early, use apps to get alerts on discounts, price match items, and avoid impulse buys.

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